Enterprise – Ali Golds

When Ali Golds leaves a meeting, a lecture, a conference or better still, a speaking engagement, she leaves a room full of people brimming with excitement and possibility. Such is her power to inspire people, particularly the young.

Ali comes from the school of hard knocks, yet every major challenge she has ever faced has been met head on – Ali is not one to sit around feeling sorry for herself.

Instead she launches into new business ventures with more enthusiasm than a small tornado. Three decades on from striding out into the world of work Ali has weathered many a storm, celebrated successes and overcome failure. In short, Ali has much to pass on to a younger generation. Her business skills have been honed in a number of different sectors and, as a successful entrepreneur herself, Ali’s passion in life is to mentor anyone who wants to be their own boss and set them on their personal road to entrepreneurial success.

Ali grew up in an acrimoniously broken home, and suffered years of abuse at the hands of various members of her extended family, as well as a period in a women’s refuge. Into the mix was her undiagnosed Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia meaning that all Ali ever heard was how she was “no good” and would never achieve anything. Ali left school with virtually no qualifications, yet now is Founder and MD of Operation Enterprise and The Juno Project.

She was appointed by Lord Young to lead on a government review of enterprise education in January 2014, and is often asked to speak, comment and write about a number of issues in the world of start-ups; with interest particularly focused on women and the challenges they face in becoming their own boss.

Ali is the embodiment of the idea that no matter what their background, anyone can make a success of their life.


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