Karen Fraser

“I lead Credos, the advertising industry’s think tank and I work 200 days a year. Under the terms of my contract, I can work with other businesses, alongside my day job. The freedom that a flexible working arrangement gives me is invaluable. I am hugely productive, and I work long hours, but the flexibility I have allows me to broaden my interests and work with a number of clients outside of my main role. It also lets me pursue personal projects.

I spend time reading to keep up to date on new developments in business, psychology and social sciences. I’m particularly interested in children’s health and wellbeing, and am especially keen to work in this field. I use the rest of my time to focus on my own health, wellbeing and creativity – all of which is important to staying relevant and focussed in my primary role with the advertising industry.

I believe flexible working makes me a better, healthier and more productive employee, and I would like to see more people given the option to work in this way. I think the UK’s 33 million workers, their employers, and their families, would benefit greatly.”