Maddi Riddell

“I have had various flexible working deals with ?What If! ranging from freelancer, 3 days a week, 3 days a week with school holidays off, full time and now as an Associate.

My Associate Deal is a commitment (on both sides) to 80 days per year. Phasing the days is agreed mutually, but usually involves working pretty much full time on a project for 6-8 weeks and then having intervals of down time.

It suits me because it means I can have a better work:life balance. I had got to the stage where I was finding full time work quite draining on my energy and forcing all the other things I am curious about and interested in to the periphery.

So far, it is working really well. I love doing my ?What If! work – the challenges, working with a team of smart, curious young people and I love that I can invest time in friends, family, culture, travel, passion projects in a way which keeps me fresh and energised. And because I know ?What If! well, I can contribute to on-the-project coaching, handing on my experience of previous projects but also I have time to invest in new ways of doing things, evolution of tools, techniques, approaches etc.”