A former citizen’s advice bureau advisor, recruitment consultant, customer service advisor, and employment advisor, Sarah Praise from Milton Keynes has now set up her own enterprise as a coach, employment consultant and mentor. Sarah knew that she would benefit from connecting with a mentor.

“My new business is called Clear Direction Life and Business Coaching a division of Clear Direction Consulting. I specialise in career coaching and business mentoring for women other services includes employment consultancy. Starting a new business can be very daunting. Although I’m going to be mentoring for a living myself, I felt that it was just as necessary for me to get the support of someone with a different perspective as it would be for anyone else. In fact, because I understand the mentoring role, I understood the relevance of it even more than other start-up businesses might.

After starting my own business I am still in contact with my mentor because I find him very helpful and resourceful in terms of information I get from him and I intend to work closely with him now and in future because I intend to form a business alliance with him. I probably would have been helpless without my mentor. Starting a new business can be very challenging as well but I will advise that perseverance is highly needed to achieve your goal in business.

Working with successful entrepreneurs and established business owners is fantastic because their advice and guidance can help me to reduce the chance of making mistakes that could cost time and money. I chose to have three mentors initially, my mentors have helped me to move the business forward in the way I think best, asking me why I am doing things and making sure that I have thought everything through.

I would definitely recommend that other entrepreneurs seek the support of a mentor because what they will gain is invaluable. A mentor is a helpful tool in gaining clarity of business direction, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and developing business strategies. With one of my mentors we have devised action plans that are reviewed at the start of the next session to measure the progress I have made. This makes me more accountable for my actions and I’ve found it a great way of ensuring that I am always moving forward.”

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