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In the WBC Report, the potential gain to the economy from women in enterprise, can benefit from women across all stages of their working life cycle. It can offer financial independence, greater career progression and flexibility in the workplace. In addition, it’s about helping women to gain the necessary skills to run their own business.

John Maffioli is the Founder of Maxop Group (a fast-growth recruitment and training business) and the creator of FE BE – For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs. FE BE is an invitation-only network for the UK’s top entrepreneurs.

Through its events, online platform and funding arm, FE BE allows its members to:

  • Meet like-minded business pioneers who have been on a similar journey
  • Raise the capital they require
  • Connect with inspirational mentors who have themselves excelled in their respective fields

Julia Grinham is the founder and co-creator of Upper Street, the made to order luxury shoe label based in London. Julia came up with the idea of Upper Street as a place where women can design their own pair of beautiful, hand-made shoes online. Using her background from her previous career in running successful online businesses, she knew that it wasn’t enough just to be able to buy made-to-order shoes – the materials had to be amazing, the shoes had to be fully customisable and the whole experience had to be fun, simple and rewarding.

Julia was introduced to John through another entrepreneur, and the rest as they say, is history. Through John and FE BE, Julia was able to attend networking events to share experiences with other high-potential entrepreneurs in a supportive environment based on mutual relationships. Supported by the FE BE Ambassadors   – highly successful British entrepreneurs who are committed to mentoring the new rising stars in order to make the UK a world leader in developing high growth companies – over the next 10 years, FE BE’s vision is to drive the UK from its current position of 10th into the top 5 of the global development entrepreneurial index.

Free from professional services sponsors in order to create a truly pure entrepreneurial agenda, FE BE also proudly boasts a high number of successful female entrepreneurs.

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