Flexible Working

“UK Asset Resolution was established in 2010 to manage the Government owned mortgage books of NRAM and Bradford & Bingley.  Our objective is to maximise taxpayer value and repay the £49bn of Government debt.  As both companies are closed to new business we will contract in size over time which represents a challenge for recruitment and retention, and in recognition of this ‘Being a Great Place to Work’ is one of our four strategic objectives.

Our business model is heavily reliant on regular customer contact and our core workforce must be available at times which are convenient for our customers, the business and our colleagues.  Flexible working is very important as it enables us to retain experienced and skilled colleagues to maintain quality and deliver great customer experience.   We offer part-time opportunities and shift patterns, compressed hours, job sharing and career breaks to accommodate the needs of colleagues and their personal circumstances, in particular working parents and carers. The ability for colleagues to balance their work and home life is part of being a ‘Great Place to Work’.

Offering flexible hours widens our talent pool to recruit candidates with life skills; it also increases commitment and loyalty to the business.  This in turn translates into improved productivity and improved customer service and value to the taxpayer. “

The internal communication team are testament to the success of flexible working within UKAR.  The small team of 11 have five flexible working arrangements in place for different reasons including one working arrangement to support a university degree.  Sarah Gardiner, head of the internal communications team said ‘it is really important that flexibility works both ways, that colleagues are willing to be flexible to meet business requirements. This is something my team does really well.’

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