Flexible Working


Leading global consulting, outsourcing and investment services company Mercer is forward thinking on flexible working.

It has advertised part-time roles to encourage women to return from maternity leave and accepted requests from employees to reduce their working hours. The flexibility demonstrated by managers and employees at Mercer has resulted in an open and motivated workforce.

It is often difficult to find part-time roles in professional services organisations. It can also be challenging for those working full-time to achieve a satisfactory balance between their work and home lives.

Mercer is a forward-thinking company on flexible working. We seek the best possible work/life balance for our staff to enable them to perform to their full potential. We have:

  • Advertised a number of part-time roles in the organisation to encourage women to return to work from maternity leave.
  • Accepted a number of requests from employees to reduce their working hours. These requests have been made for a number of reasons but are all with the aim of improving their work/life balance.
  • Provided staff with BlackBerrys to enable them to carry out any urgent work at home where necessary.

Our employees are expected to take responsibility for ensuring that their work/life balance meets their requirements. For example, if they are in a role that requires more hours than they can realistically deliver, they should raise this with their supervisor/manager at the earliest opportunity. We encourage and promote an open culture in Mercer. This enables our employees to feel confident when discussing their working needs.

Both our managers and employees are expected to demonstrate a level of flexibility. Our managers respect the reasons why our employees might choose to work part-time. In turn, our employees understand that they might be required to action urgent work whilst they are at home. Being able to work remotely on BlackBerrys has assisted with this.

The flexibility demonstrated by our management and employees has resulted in an open and motivated workforce. We ensure that requests for flexible working are handled as efficiently and quickly as possible. We have seen excellent two-way communication to ensure this happens.

The workplace is constantly evolving. Although there are still some people who consider that you always need to be seen to prove yourself, more are now adopting a more realistic way of thinking. We know that companies who adapt are more likely to succeed. This is why Mercer has supported part-time and flexible working for a number of years.

Mercer is promoting gender equality in the workplace as part of Think, Act, Report.

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