Gemma Roe, Rotunda Living

Gemma launched Rotunda Living when her baby was just two weeks old. The company makes outdoor buildings exclusively in the round.

Rotunda Living has been awarded a unique commission, to build the country’s first completely round modular eco-classroom for a primary school in the region, due to be completed this month, the building will be used by the school for lessons and for events such as parents evenings.

Gemma also recently sold her first three module home, the building will be completely off-grid and the build is due to complete by August, she is in talks with TV series Grand Designs with the possibility of featuring the build in a future episode. On top of this Gemma is also currently working on a commission for a rural landowner for circular holiday lodges.

As a social enterprise, Rotunda Living puts all of its profits into woodland regeneration and conservation projects in the UK. Gemma already employs a team of 11 and plans to expand the business in both the domestic and commercial markets, focussing on the UK holiday and tourism lettings market in particular.



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