Janvi Patel & Denise Nurse, Halebury


Halebury – revolutionising the legal market

Created in 2007 by female lawyers Janvi Patel (ex Nortel Networks/Charles Russell) and Denise Nurse (ex BSkyB/Charles Russell), Halebury is an original third generation law firm.  It is a unique and innovative model designed to provide genuine flexibility to clients in meeting their legal resourcing requirements and providing senior lawyers with a credible alternative career path.  However, starting Halebury was not easy as unlike other ‘alternative’ law firms Janvi and Denise had no external funding or large law firm backing, no clients and had to convince both insurers and the Law Society that such a model could work as a business and was still a law firm at heart.

Starting from scratch

From working in-house and in private practice Denise Nurse and Janvi Patel experienced first-hand the inefficiencies of buying legal services and the frustrations felt by lawyers of working within the constraints of a big law firm. The rise of in-house teams was a clear indication that the traditional private practice model was not working.   The creation of Halebury was a response to the pressures faced by GCs to do ‘more for less’ and the increasing demands on lawyers together with the lack of control and flexibility requested by both parties.

They realised that we are in a new world order in terms of technology, global operations as well as career expectations from lawyers.  The traditional model had to change for both sides.  Janvi and Denise decided to start from scratch and created a model that suited clients as well as senior lawyers.

Win-win for clients and lawyers

Halebury’s model enables General Counsel (GC) and management of SMEs to have access to exceptional in-house talent, who can work as part of their in-house team or their management team.  The model enables full flexibility of having on-site or off-site legal assistance to pricing options including fixed fee to daily/weekly rates to bulk hour purchases.  Halebury is a genuine alternative to existing legal providers and act as their clients’ external in-house lawyers.   Halebury has created an alternative career option for senior in-house lawyers. As part of their career development, each lawyer must complete a business plan detailing their career goals and work with Halebury’s management team and dedicated business development manager to develop their client base.

Halebury offers a more streamlined, strategic and cost-effective approach to the delivery of legal services and a more personally and financially rewarding career path to senior lawyers.

Rapid business growth – validation of the model

Janvi and Denise were ahead of the curve in identifying the need for flexible resourcing in the legal market.

The market has experienced a lot of change in recent years and Halebury has come into its own as offering clients what they really need which is quality, commercial lawyers on a flexible, cost-effective basis.

Janvi Patel, Halebury Chairwoman comments: “Halebury proves that an entrepreneurial spirit can deliver great rewards even in a traditional business such as the legal profession.”

In just seven years Halebury has grown to become an award-winning firm with an impressive roster of clients including BT, Barclays, BSkyB and Expedia; 25 lawyers; a seven figure turnover; and ambitious plans to further grow the business.

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