Men As Change Agents

Galvanising Men to Promote Workplace Cultural Change to Foster Equality

The Women’s Business Council has highlighted that too often and for too long, gender equality has been the business of women. The Women’s Business Council is committed to increasing the number of male leaders as change agents, by building and showcasing a critical mass of supportive male CEOs who can drive real change as trailblazer organisations improving outcomes for girls and women accessing, progressing and remaining in industry.

3 things you can do

To personally champion the achievement of the Hampton Alexander challenge of 33% of executive level business leaders being women by 2020.

To sponsor between 1 and 3 women in your organisation with the potential to secure an executive level role within 3 years

To be an active “change agent” and be part of the wider business conversation towards achieving better gender balance in UK business leadership

A message from the MACA action group

Emer Timmons, Co-Chair MACA group

Denis Woulfe - MACA action group Co-Chair

Emer Timmons - Transcript

My name is Emer Timmons, Chief Marketing Officer and President Global Enterprise for Brightstar.


I am also a member of the Women’s Business Council, which was set up in 2012 to advise the government on how women’s contribution to the UK economy could be maximised.


The WBC has 5 work streams which look to make positive interventions to support women throughout their working life.


These are:


Starting Out – which supports the choices of girls and young women


Getting On - Which is about ensuring women move through the executive pipeline


Staying On – focusing on ensuring older females are supported to stay in work, or return to work after a career break


Enterprise – encouraging more women to start and lead their own businesses.


And finally, MACA, 'Men as change agents' of which I am co-chair, which aims to galvanise men to change the culture in the workplace to promote equality.


Everyone is aware of the Hampton Alexander report, which is asking for FTSE 350 companies to increase representation of women on their boards to 33% and we know that companies which operate in the top quartile of gender diversity are 15% more productive than those in the bottom quartile.


A key initiative of MACA is the sponsorship toolkit which is launched today, which will help towards achieving this target.


This provides ideas for business leaders to drive towards gender balance in their teams and close the gender pay gap.


They are presented in the form of case studies from prominent businesses in the UK who are using them to great effect.


I myself have benefitted from this type of support in my career so I know the value and opportunities that can come from it and the benefits that come to businesses as a result.


This is not just about women, it is about inclusivity and diversity, which benefits us all across the UK.


Thank you for watching, please do visit 'womens business'. for more hints and tips and we hope it will give you the inspiration you need to make the positive change for good in your business.

Denis Woulfe - Transcript

Hello. My name is Denis Woulfe, a member of the Women’s business council and co-chair of MACA, ‘Men as Change Agents' initiative.


I'm now an advisor to boards and exec teams across the UK. Until recently, I was a partner and vice chairman at Deloitte.


During my career I have seen the positive change gender equality can bring to businesses however women still only represent 35% of senior leadership roles in the UK, so there is a lot still to do.


As Emer has mentioned, the MACA toolkit we have launched will help businesses to close that gap and help CEO’s maximise their personal role in inspiring cultural and behavioral change with their businesses and the wider business community.


Also, CEO’s are uniquely positioned to personally sponsor women from within their own organisation who could become senior leaders within the next three years.


This builds inclusiveness and diversity across business around the UK and closes the gender pay gap.


Now is the time to make the change we all want to see.


This can only happen with your active engagement to increase transparency and will embolden others to do things differently.


It is time for all of us to actively engage as change agents.


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