Michaela Jedinak, Joy of Clothes

Michaela Jedinak, Joy of Clothes

Michaela Jedinak, is a personal stylist, a fashion entrepreneur and the co-founder of fashion label www.michaelajedinak.com and Joy of Clothes.

It has been Michaela’s ambition to empower women to dress for success; to make women feel comfortable in what they wear, but more importantly confident. It is Michaela’s belief that all women have their own defined ‘Style DNA’ and therefore require individual and personalised advice on how to create a visual balance.

“I have always been passionate about giving women the relevant advice and the tools to dress themselves in the best way, as well as how to dress in their own signature style, rather than being a bad copy of someone else.”

Michaela has a unique range of experiences from the world of fashion, media and design industries including London, New York, Milan and Prague.

Michaela was always interested in fashion, but was not skilled with her hands.  She began working for Cosmopolitan in Prague, which gave her a vast amount of experience in branding, marketing and advertising.  She then moved to Italy and fell in love with the Italian style and how you did not need to be draped in brands and logos to look good.

But it was not until she began working at Grey Interactive where she saw the potential for online media and how it could be the catalyst in empowering women, as well as improving the whole clothes shopping experience. With so much choice on offer making decisions, choosing what trends to follow or which designer dress to pick, can not only be daunting but also very stressful.  Thus Michaela wanted to take away this negative connotation and to bring about a new and exciting experience for women.

Bringing years of experience with her, Michaela in 2009 launched alongside her husband, Joy of Clothes, as a way of sharing her personal styling experience with a wider audience. It is now one of the leading personal style websites with a loyal worldwide following.

In 2013, Michaela and her husband decided to launch their own label, Michaela Jedinak.  Michaela unlike most designers wanted to move away from traditional rules and provide dresses in varying styles and cuts that suited all body types.

“I am passionate about providing women the right fit so women look good and feel confident.”

Michaela designed her first range of crafted dresses, all made in the UK.  She chose Red as her first collection as women associate red with confidence, elegance and because the colour can be worn on any occasion or season.  Following the success of the red dress, it was not long before they launched their second collection.

“We only began trading in June 2013, but have received a great response from customers and press so far.”

Lisa Armstrong, The Daily Telegraph’s Fashion Designer: “Michaela Jedinak’s concept is a EUREKA moment”

“I am involved in many networking events and workshops, to showcase my design concept and quality, and to turn every single customer into an ambassador of our brand. We feel this is the best way forward in growing and building our brand Michaela Jedinak London”

Michaela’s dresses have been worn by many leading business women, such as Arianna Huffington, Fiona Bruce, Vanessa Vallely, Jennifer Fox, Nathalie Seiler- Hayez, Michelle Emmerson and Cilla Snowball CBE (member of the Women’s Business Council).  She has also received a tremendous amount of media coverage, with features in the Times, Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph, Grazia, INSTYLE and even appeared on BBC News Night and CBNC.  Her dresses have also been seen in Downing Street and on European royalty.

With working on two businesses Michaela has been thrust into the world of writing, social media, PR, Sales, Events, Business Development and is very much hands on.

“The hours are long and I might be absolutely dead in the evenings, but I love it and that’s what drives me.”

Michaela’s entrepreneur ethos is to follow your heart, starting a new business can be tough, especially if you have a new business idea and concept; this can bring about varying degrees of rejection, failure and even loneliness. The key is to not let it get you down; it is all part and parcel of becoming an entrepreneur.

Michaela’s learning points have been:

  • To read inspirational books about entrepreneurs who have changed the world with their ideas
  • Remove any forms of negativity – to turn negative thoughts into positives
  • If something does not work to remain calm and keep going
  • Build on your strengths and achievements
  • To have a strong brand as you need to stand for something

“I know that, as a retailer, I can’t be everything to every woman, but I like to provide a choice other than traditional retailers and designers.”

Update (August 2017):

“Since the interview I’m pleased to say business has gone from strength to strength. After starting with 7 dresses in red for 7 body shapes, I now offer over 100 dress styles and have added jackets, coats, skirts, tops and scarves. These are available in wide selection of fabrics and colours including Couture fabric from Ungaro. Much of my business is via recommendation but I also introduced a catalogue and organise shopping events in London and abroad.  Customers can now customise fabric, colours and sleeves and we will be updating our site further mid September.”