Neomi Bennett, Neo-Slip


The Neo-Slip was created by Neomi Bennett, a nursing graduate from Kingston University and a registered nurse. Neomi was inspired to create an anti-embolism stocking aid after repeatedly seeing patients, particularly the elderly struggling to put on their anti-embolism stockings (medical stockings to help prevent DVT).

Mother of three Neomi had her eldest son when she was just 18 years old, leaving her career to take a back seat. As her children grew she decided she wanted a better life for them and to act as a role model. This spurred her on to enrol on a nursing access course, as the oldest student in the class it was tough, especially trying to study, run a home and manage childcare at the same time. Neomi made sure she used all the Governments financial assistance to help fund her family while studying.

Once Neomi had completed her access course she started her studies at Kingston University where she was asked to carry out a project looking at health and safety. During the project she noticed the problems people were having putting on the anti-embolism stocking. Her tutors were impressed with her findings and suggested solution and asked her to enter her neo-slip idea into a university competition, which she won. Neomi then entered the Nursing award which she once again won, while at these awards she was asked where her product was available. It was at this point Neomi decided to manufacture her product, which is completely made in the UK.

The neo-slip is currently sold at selected pharmacies and used by nursing homes. Neomi is also working in partnership with the NHS. The business has one distributor and two online distributors. So far Neo-slip has won 14 awards.


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