The Charter School, Inspiring the Future, Encouraging STEM Careers

The Charter School, Southwark used free employee volunteering programme Inspiring the Future to organise a ‘school careers fair’.  Lin Proctor from The Charter School in Southwark ran a careers fair for Years 9, 11, 12 and 13 in November 2012 using Inspiring the Future so that young people could meet a diverse range of employers face-to-face.  Lin is convinced that meeting employers helps young people work harder for their exams results and make them see ‘the point’ of working hard to gain good GCSEs. Lin gives an example of this in action. “I was particularly struck by the example of pupils crowding round a young lady who works as a set designer for film and TV. She said over and over again to them; ‘How can you expect to work as a set designer if you can’t calculate how many litres of paint you may need or how many metres of wood?’ This really hit home.” Many students know they like Design and Technology and want to work with their hands but it made them realise that they do also need to reach a certain standard English and Maths.  Meeting a working set designer made students feel that it was a realistic career option but opened their eyes to all dimensions of the job. This is why Inspiring the Future is so invaluable to teachers and young people. A teacher could tell students they need to meet certain standard in English and Maths a 1,000 times but it won’t make the same impact as coming from someone doing the job that they aspire to. The Charter School is a coeducational secondary school with academy status in Dulwich, within the London Borough of Southwark

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