Think Act Report

Think Act Report is a voluntary initiative to help improve gender equality in the workforce. It sets out a simple, step-by-step framework to help companies think about key issues such as recruitment, retention, promotion and pay.

FDM Group is a leading and dynamic IT services provider which is signed up to the initiative. The IT industry is renowned for being one of the most male dominated sectors, made up of only 14.4% women in the UK. This issue stems from childhood perceptions and has been a problem in the industry for decades.

FDM commissioned an internal review to assess how many women were in the business and how many were in management positions. They took a number of actions to increase diversity; including launching a global ‘Women in IT’ campaign to encourage more women into the industry.

As a result, the number of women at FDM has been increasing steadily, with now over 50% of the management team being female and 23% of staff overall. In2012/13, FDM was voted into The Top Ten IT Employers for Women bystudents/graduates across the country (trendence survey, Guardian UK 300).

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