Video: Lynne Atkin, Barclays UK, highlights the importance of having a multigenerational workforce

In this short video, I introduce the Women’s Business Council and the Staying On Action Group which I’m leading on. The Action Group focuses on removing barriers in the workplace for older workers; we look at why women take career breaks, how to juggle caring responsibilities with work and apprenticeships to upskill older workers. It is incredibly important to remove the stigma that returners may face when they are ready to return to work, or when mid-life workers want to change careers later in life.

One of the ways we’ve been working towards this has been through Staying On – the Age of Success. It is a toolkit developed by Barclays in collaboration with the Women’s Business Council, with valuable input from other UK businesses and Women’s Business Council members. The toolkit provides leading insight into why a multigenerational workforce is essential for the organisations of the future. Staying On – The Age of Success shares best practice on how to optimise attracting and recruiting talent of all ages, as well as enable mid-life female talent to continue to fulfil their potential.

Importantly, the toolkit highlights to business leaders, managers and HR professionals the benefits and positive impact that age diversity and older female talent has on organisations – both internally on colleague communities as well as externally on customers and clients. If you would like to find out more, you can find the toolkit here.

We hope that Staying On – The Age of Success will stir conversation and challenge organisations to think differently about hiring talent of all ages. I would encourage everyone to have a read, pass it on to your network, and share your own thoughts and experiences on social media with the hashtag #WBCaction.


Lynne Atkin is a Women’s Business Council member and its lead for the Staying On Action Group. She’s also the HR Director for Barclays UK and the Head of Employee Relations at Barclays Bank PLC, with over 25 years’ HR experience working within the energy and financial services sectors.

Find out more about Staying On – The Age of Success toolkit here.

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