Gender Pay Gap Resources

Actions to close the gender pay gap



This guidance summarises approaches that have been shown to work and those which need more evidence before they can be recommended as widespread approaches.

A step by step guide for employers to develop an effective action plan



This guidance is based on what employers who have successfully developed and implemented
an effective action have shared about the process. It should be considered in parallel with complementary guidance published on the gender pay gap service.

Identify potential causes of the gender pay gap in your organisation



In this guide, you will find eight key questions to ask that will help you to identify different potential causes of the GPG. You will need some additional data to be able to be able to answer these questions, but you may already collect this data as part of your human resources processes.

Gender pay gap reporting: make your calculations



Please follow the link below for further information on how to make the calculations you need to report your organisation's gender pay gap data.