Caitlin Cockerton

“I’ve worked flexibly on two models for the last 18 months, following my return to work after having my daughter. The first model – 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday – enabled me to dive back into work in a nearly-full time capacity while keeping 1 day a week to have dedicated time with my child. In the 15 months I worked on this model, I accelerated my career and earned a promotion, which was great. I at times worked more than 4 days per week and probably didn’t get the financial compensation for this ‘extra time’.

In my new role as a Director, I was keen to find a model that appreciated the true nature of our business – demanding full time work at times, but then also having some calmer periods. My new model is 180 days per year (equivalent to 3.5 days/week pro rata), worked flexibly – sometimes working 4 or 5 days a week when the demand is high, but also retaining the time I’m owed back, either by working 2 or 3 days some weeks, or by taking chunks of time off. This new model is an experiment for me and for the organisation and no one else at this level works on such a modelÄ so, we’ll see how it goes!”