Nina Devani, Devanisoft


Nina Devani, Devanisoft Ltd

The youngest ever finalist in the history of the NatWest everywoman Awards, 16 year old Nina Devani’s ambition is for her company, Devanisoft, to become the next Microsoft.  Creating a solution to an everyday problem – remembering the plethora of passwords required to access websites from your bank to your groceries – Nina devised an App that offers a password prompt via a question, picture, phrase or reminder without ever disclosing the password itself.  The idea came to her when her father’s Facebook account was hacked and at the tender age of 14, she has found an innovative solution to the challenge that frustrates many of us every day. 

Her idea became a reality after pitching it to an investor who saw the potential in her idea and future plans.

A consumer App “Prompt Me Nina” was subsequently developed and launched through the Play store, receiving thousands of downloads with next to no promotion or publicity.  Nina has since created a desktop application called “Prompt Me Now” and is working on a corporate solution for the banking industry in creating a two factor token authentication to provide added security without the need for physical code keys.  A former winner of the Safer Internet Youth Achievement Award in association with Microsoft, Nina cites Nick D’Aloisio as her inspiration. D’Aloisio sold his Summly to Yahoo for a reported $30 million aged just 18.

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