STEM Ambassadors

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Ambassadors come from a wide range of careers and professions, including environmental scientists, civil engineers, marine biologists, medical physicists, pharmacists, energy analysts, architects and games developers among others. 40% of STEM Ambassadors are women. Across the UK, STEM Ambassadors volunteer their time and support to promote STEM subjects to young learners in a vast range of original, creative practical and engaging ways. They are an invaluable and free resource for teachers, helping to deliver the STEM curriculum and raise awareness of STEM careers, by revealing how essential STEM is throughout the world.

Kate Woolley is a STEM Ambassador who relishes the opportunity to challenge stereotypes of the industry, especially as a female engineer. “Being a woman hasn’t hindered my progress at all. It’s important that we improve the image of engineering to young people and show them that we are professionals who create a better world to live in.”

Since becoming a STEM Ambassador, Kate has developed a close affiliation with her old secondary school by helping with careers fairs and talks, as well as speed networking events where pupils have to guess her job. Kate hasn’t stopped there though, visiting 12 other schools and working with all different age groups.

“So many young people don’t really understand what engineering is. I hope to inspire students and make them realise that what they are learning about in the classroom is applied in the real world in what is, to me, an incredibly exciting job.”

Kate Woolley, STEM Ambassador

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