Virgin Media: Sharing how its driving more engaged women into leadership positions

Only a third of top jobs in the UK are held by women. Determined to buck the trend, Virgin Media is committed to achieving 40% women in leadership positions by 2018. This target, as well as a whole raft of pipeline-strengthening goals is set to bolster career progress across the entire organisation.

A key sustainability goal for us is to improve the progression of women within our organisation, and ensure they have the same development opportunities as their male counterparts. But the survey was telling us that many of our female employees within a particular management grade were more likely to move away from the company rather than see their careers move upwards within it.

Eleanor Brett, Virgin Media’s Culture and Inclusion Manager

In this revealing case study, the telecoms giant shares how its initiatives have moved the organisation closer to realising that dream.


Previous research by everywoman has uncovered that when employers provide regular, quality, role model-led learning tools, females are 42% more likely to be promoted, and are dramatically more inspired to take charge of their career progression.

Virgin Media is already seeing the impact that such an investment can have, with individuals who took part in the pilot being far more engaged, more likely to speak positively about the organisation, and, crucially — given the high costs related to female turnover — more likely to see a future at the organisation.

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